Value Cards

Get the best savings with our Premium Customer Value Cards!  Value cards are good for all service areas including golf range, mini golf, and batting cages.  In addition to getting extra money added to your card, get cheaper buckets of golf balls!  Our cards swipe right into the ball machine to make it quick and easy.  Skip the register and head straight to the ball machine with your value card.  


Bucket prices with the card are $5 for a small, $9 for a large, and $15 for a jumbo.  Start saving today!  Your balance NEVER expires and you can always add more value when needed.  


Choose any denomination and get extra value added right away!

YOU PAY            YOU GET          EXTRA VALUE

   $20                       $22                        10%

   $50                       $56                        12%

   $100                     $115                      15%

   $200                     $240                      20%

   $300                     $375                      25%

   $500                     $650                      30%